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A Real Star

Teko is a Musical Artist, DJ, Producer and composer of electronic dance music. He started off by remixing songs and have now released multiple tech house tracks that charted on beatport top 100Matheus Duarte developed a fascination with electronic music and production during his twenties. The name Teko came from his childhood where he was called that by his familyTeko is pointed as one of the rising stars in Texas electronic scene, bringing not only fat basslines, but polished vocals, and crisp, methodical production. 
As a DJ, Teko figured on line-ups with some of the mostly known artists on the field like Vintage Culture, Cat Dealers, KVSH, JetLag Music, etc and also, performed on countries such as Brazil, Portugal and United States.

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A Musical Journey

Teko is an influential Music Artist with a devoted following. Their incredible career began with a bang in 2000, with the release of their first smash hit. Since then, they have toured almost constantly and have put out music on a regular basis that manages to thrill and delight fans—both old and new—and critics alike.

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